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Five Magical Amulets
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Five Magical Amulets - iPhone/iPad version


Five Magical Amulets is a traditional fairytale adventure game. It tells the story about a girl named Linda who has to save the kingdom of Nyron from the rule of an evil wizard.



- four chapters

- more than 70 hand painted locations

- 50 characters

- original soundtrack

- in-game hint system

- English language



"...did the plot move me? Did the music encompass me? Did the visuals harken me back to another time, where I was able to forget my own worries of the day even if just for a little while? Did I care about the characters? Was a story told? Did I have a good time playing it and was I entertained? The answer to all of this is YES." -

"...if you're looking for a sweet, non-violent game that's filled with magic and wonder, this is an excellent way to spend a few quiet evenings." -

"Five Magical Amulets is a fairy tale in every sense of the word: massive in its scope, fanciful and legendary in its story-telling, packaged with the ideal presentation for children and family-minded gamers to enjoy." -

"Really can't think of any serious concerns with the game, as really everything is done seamlessly and without much trouble. This is definitely an adventure title that if you're a fan of the genre you got to check out." -

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