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Written by jnsfbi   
Friday, 31 December 2010 12:20

Legendární adventura? Pět kouzelných amuletů
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 13:53
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Po dva roky běží herní internetový projekt s názvem Indian Tv, s novým vydáním pořadu se můžete setkat každou středu v 17 00 hodin. Indian Tv si všímá především nezávislých her, proto bylo jen otázkou času, kdy někdo z redaktorů narazí na naše hry:-)

Stalo se a výsledkem je skutečně podařená reportáž, kterou můžete i shlédnout na této adrese: kouzelnych-amuletu-595/

Co nás skutečně velmi potěšilo je právě označení "legendární česká freewarovka", děkujeme tedy ještě jednou za zájem o naši (byť už 5 let vydanou) hru.


News 2010
Written by jnsfbi   
Friday, 12 February 2010 23:24

News after some time of being pasive:-)

The first thing is that I am considering to completely rebuild Off Studio website. The reasons are mainly casued by technical issues, at this time Off Studio runs on older administration system which shall be actualized or better to transfered to the new one.

Some functions are not working and the security should be improved same as for forum. By this time you can still use this site including your comments or notes. In case of failure you can send me email (find at contact section) and I will reply you as soon as possible.

Following news are related only to our games:

- Five Magical Amulets

- Poland

Game which was released at 2005 and which you still like to play will be soon available in polish version thanks to Mendosa, who already translated Five Lethal Demons.

At this time final corrections are made before polish version release. By this way we would like to give a lot of thanks to Mendosa and we hope he stays our fan in the future! :-)

- Italy

Following news are from the Italy, where translation team ( asked us for texts which shall be translated to Italy language.

The translation has already started, and we will inform you about further development.

We really appreciate proposal from the Italy and we would like to by this way thank to Italy team!

- Five Magical Amultes 2 - The Stone of Power

Because of a lot of questions about The Stone of Power I have to react: Development of this game was cancelled so the game is not on the list of developing games by Off Studio.

- Helga Deep In Trouble

The game is again being developed, longer pause was caused by data loss from my pc including scripts, fortunately I saved at least graphics. So I had to create scripts once again:-)

Currently development is in full progress (scripts are backed-up already) so let us hope that another unpleasant situations will not happen again.

If you want up to date information about the game development follow my "developer diary" on the facebook -


Translate: A. Ch. - Thank you very much:-)

Helga Deep In Trouble - Choose new names for Helga's team!
Written by jnsfbi   
Monday, 12 April 2010 13:15

Even you can join our game development!


If you have played "Five Lethal Demons" you can still remember that beside Helga - there are some other characters in the office - scenarist, programmer and graphic.

For the upcoming game Helga Deep In Trouble I have decided to rename these characters.

Even you can help - come up with new names for Kick Off Studio members.

For better imagination see couple of already named NPC, which play important roles in the HDT story:

Sergej, Jorga, Wilma, Hugo, Magda...


(screenshot from Five Lethal Demons)


Your recomendations or proposals write down to comments.


Five magical amulets - German version
Written by jnsfbi   
Thursday, 12 April 2007 21:09

Thanks to incredible patience and persistence of our German fans, Five magical amulets is now also available in German language!

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