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Screenshot from czech paper magazine Level
Written by jnsfbi   
Thursday, 02 September 2004 00:00

Click here (avaiable only in Czech language:-)

5MA finished (well almost)
Written by jnsfbi   
Thursday, 11 November 2004 00:00

After many months (and years:) of development of Five magical amulets the betatesters got their hands on the final chapter of the game. I have already described the setting of the last chapter, so let's see some interesting numbers now. The complete game contains:

72 hand-drawn backgrounds
50 NPCs
100 inventory items

+ xy hours of gameplay (I'm unable to count the exact number)

We are currently working on some finishing touches. The texts are being proof-read, translated to english and our great musician Jerrot is working hard on the remaining tracks...Jerrot, try harder! :)
5KA - intro 5KA - intro
Happy New Year 2004!
Written by jnsfbi   
Thursday, 02 December 2004 00:00
Jak jste si jiště všimli, hru jsme bohužel nestihli vydat v roce 2004, přicházíme tak jistě o titul nejočekávanější hry roku 04:)
Nicméně, projekt nezemřel, stále pracujeme na dokončení hry, takže pokud jste s námi vydrželi doteď, čeká vás (jistě brzo!:) sladká odměna.
5MA is (again) the most anticipated Czech freeware game of the year
Written by jnsfbi   
Thursday, 24 November 2005 15:22

According to this article at we are still on the first place. Many thanks for believing in our project :)

Some news: 5MA contains approx. 6600 lines of text, which is (according to our secret source) a number comparable to The Black Mirror game.
At the moment, approximately 4000 lines are already translated to English, which means our team has been extended by several proofreaders for both Czech and English version of the game.
Jerrot - our incredible musician - is slowly but steadily finishing his work on the remaining music tracks. Simply put, everything is proceeding well.
5MA to be released in march 2005
Written by jnsfbi   
Wednesday, 26 January 2005 00:00

The "Five magical amulets" project is getting close to its release. Both czech and english versions are now fully finished and the final betatesting is in progress.

Now you can either shout "hooray" with us, or just say "it was about time" :) it's up to you.

But the important fact for all of us is that we will release the game for download in march; I don't know the exact date yet. I have bad news for dial-up users, though, because the game is going to be 146 MB big... but then again, it's very likely 5MA will be published on a cover CD/DVD of a major gaming magazine (transl.note: czech only magazine, but perhaps some others will follow).

Stay tuned and check our website often :)
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